The holiday season is almost here! After working tired for several months, always dealing with pollution and urban traffic jams, there’s nothing wrong with setting aside a little time to go on vacation. Life balance is important, you know!

In fact, holidays can help you release your fatigue, and raise your spirits to get back to work.


You don’t need to be sad and hold back from going on vacation, you can really get around this by having a smart vacation, fun but still frugal. Let’s follow these tips:

1. Prepare a Traveling Fund

In order not to disrupt your cash flow, it’s a good idea to prepare funds for traveling well in advance of your planned departure time, especially for those of you who do have a hobby of traveling. Try not to spend more money than the budget you have prepared from the start, so it doesn’t interfere with other budgets. You can save 3 months, 6 months in advance, or more. Going on vacation suddenly by taking advantage of your monthly income, will only make you ‘overdrawn’, aka the end of the month, only eating instant noodles! And DON’T USE credit card installments to finance your vacation, just don’t!

2. Avoid the Holiday Season

During the holiday season or high season, prices for goods and services will increase in almost all tourist attractions. Therefore, apart from being able to enjoy vacation spots more comfortably because locations tend to be quieter, it’s a good idea to go during low season because the prices offered are usually cheaper.

3. Book Transportation Tickets and Lodging Early

Book transportation tickets and lodging early. Avoid ordering in the near future, let alone buying tickets at or go-show, because the prices offered are more expensive. Apart from ordering early, you can also visit holiday exhibitions/travel fairs to get cheaper price offers and attractive discount promos. To make it more economical and practical, you can also choose attractive holiday packages offered by several travel agents, usually including airplane tickets, lodging and consumption.

4. Prepare Basic Needs Before Departure

It is better to prepare medicines, toiletries, snacks and necessities that will be needed during the trip before departure. These items are usually sold at higher prices around tourist attractions, considering that almost everyone needs them.

5. Take advantage of Free Wi-fi

Free wi-fi network will help save your expenses. If you are planning a vacation abroad, find out information about quality portable wi-fi providers/rentals at affordable prices.

6. Determine the Destination Before Departure

Select and write a list of places you want to visit in your destination city. Do a survey of interesting places through several reviews on several available internet sites or mobile apps.

Avoid choosing a destination suddenly on D-day, because it will waste more of your vacation time. It’s also best to avoid choosing too many destinations, because apart from spending a lot of energy, visiting too many places also costs more. What else if you fall sick from exhaustion. Wow, it can actually cost more if you go to the hospital for treatment!

7. Use Money Wisely

If your goal is refreshing from your daily routine, it would be nice if you didn’t make shopping a priority. Often times we are hungry when we visit shopping centers, especially when it’s a BIG SALE. Sometimes, our ‘disease’ is being tempted to buy goods at low prices without thinking about the use of these goods in the future. Try to be more restrained and responsible for the items you have purchased. It’s even better if you limit your shopping budget during the holidays before departure, and record in detail each of your expenses, no matter how small the value.

8. Have Travel Insurance

Many travelers still ignore the importance of travel insurance. Even though you have to pay extra money, travel insurance is very important to have to give you protection while traveling. There are so many benefits when we have travel insurance. Travel insurance does not only cover accidents or death, but flight delays can also be covered. If your luggage or goods are lost, they will also be replaced if deemed necessary. There is even insurance that covers challenging activities such as mountain climbing, rafting, sky-diving.

Isn’t the method simple, so you can get a cool vacation but still save money? From now on, let’s be wiser in preparing and spending money to go on vacation, so that a beautiful future is not just wishful thinking. Handle your money wisely. Smart management, prosperous future!

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