The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Bandung

Tourist Attractions in Bandung

The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Bandung – The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Bandung has developed into a city of pleasure with a variety of interesting tourist objects. From natural tourism to various types of contemporary tourism. It’s no wonder that more and more tourist attractions in Bandung are popping up day by day.

For those of you who intend to take a vacation to the city of flowers, here we present a series of tourist attractions in Bandung that are worth a visit.

Tourist Attractions in Bandung

The widespread use of social networks has resulted in more and more new Bandung tourist attractions being recognized. Not a few developers have taken advantage of the millennial hobby of traveling by establishing Bandung tourist attractions.

This is a row of tourist attractions in Bandung which are hits among millennial travelers.

1. Sendang Geulis Kahuripan

This beautiful spring offers cool and clear water for bathing. But the most popular activity for young people here is of course underwater selfies.

Sendang Geulis Kahuripan is located in Cilangkop Village, Ganjarsari Cikalong Wetan Village. The tourist area operates from 07.00 to 17.00 WIB.

Fare: IDR 10,000,000

2. Sang Hyang Heuleut

Located in Rajamandala Kulon, Cipatat, West Bandung Regency, Sanghyang Heuleut is a charming green lake surrounded by exotic river stones. So beautiful, this place is called the Angel Pool.

Sanghyang Heuleut is a tourist spot in Bandung that is suitable for bathing and taking pictures. For those who like to test their guts, please jump from one of the rocks that is more than 5 meters high. Be careful for those who are not good at swimming.

Fare: IDR 10,000.00

3.Upside Down World

Another tourist spot in Bandung that is being loved by millennials. Just like its brothers in Bali and Yogyakarta, Upside Down World offers a series of photo spots with completely reversed settings.

This unique tour is located on Jalan H. Wasid No. 31 (Dipatiukur), Lebakgede Village, Coblong District. Operational hours are 10.00-20.00 WIB.

Fare: IDR 50,000.00 (children), IDR 100,000.00 (adults)

4. Amazing Art World

If Upside Down World offers illusionary photos like the setting of Kirsten Dunst’s Upside Down film, Amazing Art World displays 3D paintings for selfies.

Fare: IDR 50,000 (children), IDR 100,000 (adults)

5. Dusun Bambu

The Dusun Bambu area is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lembang. This location offers natural and culinary attractions that are equipped with various games. Not to forget the beautiful spots for selfie and photography enthusiasts.

Fare: IDR 15,000.00

6. Citatah Cliff

For children who are nature lovers or who just want to try new tourist attractions, just try a trip to the Citatah Cliffs.

Citatah cliffs are one of the favorites for rock climbing. If you have reached the top, the extraordinary natural scenery around is waiting to be impregnated. Don’t forget to snap one extreme photo to capture the moment.

Rates: varied, generally a package with a trip to Stone Garden Geopark

7. Bugbrug Waterfall

This single, quite beautiful waterfall is located on Jalan Colonel Masturi, Kertawangi Village, Cisarua District.

Brugbrug is named because of the sound of the pouring water crashing with the sound brug…brug…

Fare: IDR 7,500.00

8. Wonderland Elephant Village

The main attraction of this Bandung tourist spot is the water park which is fun for children and families. Kampung Gajah is also equipped with various games that will make children feel at home all day long.

Fare: IDR 15,000.00 (weekdays), IDR 20,000.00 (weekends)

9. Mount Manglayang

This mountain is suitable for novice climbers, because it is not too high. The view at the top is beautiful and relatively quiet. But you have to be careful and prepare your stamina, because there are no climbing posts available.

Rates: Free

10. Slopes Anteng Panoramic Coffee Place

This is a place to hang out and drink coffee which is really a hit in Bandung. It is located in the cool Puncak Ciumbuleuit or Punclut area.

This area is famous for its culinary tourism. One of the most popular activities for young people is enjoying a cup of coffee in one of the tents or huts overlooking the city of Bandung.

Rates: IDR 5,000.00—IDR 50,000 (food prices)

These are Bandung’s tourist attractions that are being loved by young people. Don’t forget to take the time to visit one of the attractions above when traveling to Bandung.

Tourist Attractions in Bandung City

Maybe you don’t have much time to explore Bandung as a whole. No problem, because Bandung city alone already has many exciting places to visit.

For those of you who want to explore the center of the city of flowers, here are some tourist attractions in Bandung that are worth a visit.

11. Sate Building

A visit to Bandung’s tourist attractions is not complete without visiting Gedung Sate. This building, inherited from the Dutch colonial government, is an icon of Bandung.

Rates: Free

12. Braga Street

If you want a cheap but memorable tour, walking Jalan Braga is one of the activities you must do.

The Jalan Braga area is famous for its magnificent old buildings. It was this area that made Bandung the Parijs van Java in the past.

Rates: Free

13. Trans Studio Bandung

The entrance ticket to Trans Studio Bandung is quite expensive. But the price offered is commensurate with the complete rides there. One day is not enough time to try all the attractions that are built in an area of ​​4.2 hectares.

Rates: IDR 150,000.00 (weekdays), IDR 250,000.00 (weekends)

14. Jalan Cihampelas

Ciwalk is definitely a must-visit area for tourists visiting the city of flowers. This is a tourist spot in Bandung that is most suitable for shopping tours.

Rates: Free

15. Pusdai Mosque

Don’t just stop by for sightseeing or shopping in Bandung. This city also has religious tourism objects that are worth a visit. One of them is the Pusdai Mosque (Islamic Da’wah Center) in West Java.

It is located at Jalan Diponegoro No. 63. Every Friday, in front of the mosque there is a lively surprised market.

Rates: Free

16. Asia Africa Street

This high historical street is well laid out and has a number of public art installations that can be used as cool photo spots.

Rates: Free

17. Babakan Siliwangi

Babakan Siliwangi is a green open space in the heart of Bandung. This place has been a green belt area since the Dutch era. This urban forest is no less beautiful than Central Park, New York, you know.

Fare: IDR 3,000.00

18. Al-Imtizaj Mosque

On Jalan ABC, Braga, there is a place of worship that has a unique architecture. The mosque carries the concept of a Chinese temple-style building. This mosque is one proof of cultural acculturation in Sundanese land.

Rates: Free

19. Cisangkuy

Cisankuy is the place for culinary tours. All kinds of cafes, restaurants and shops serving a variety of good food. The prices are very varied. One of the most famous there is of course the yogurt.

Rates: varied

20. Movie Park

Located on Jalan Layang Pasupati, Film Park offers an open area to watch movies with other city residents. The sensation is like watching a tancep movie in the past, but with a more modern feel.

Rates: Free

Those are the tourist attractions in Bandung city that are worth a visit. Most of them can be reached without breaking the bank, so you don’t have to worry about tight vacation funds.

Tourist Attractions in South Bandung
Southern Bandung can be said to be a paradise for natural tourism. The reason is that there are many tourist attractions in the southern part of Bandung that can be visited. Starting from the still natural to those who are equipped with modern facilities.

Below are just a handful of the many tourist attractions in southern Bandung that you can visit.

21. Ciwidey White Crater

Because of its popularity, this tourist spot in southern Bandung is too often used as a film backdrop. Kawah Putih does have photogenic views that are too dear to miss.

Fare: IDR 18,000.00

22. Situ Cileunca

What’s going on in Situ Cileunca? Apart from the beautiful lake, you can also walk along the bridge of love there.

Price: IDR 2,500.00

23. Sunrise Point Cukul

As the name implies, Sunrise Point Cukul offers the beauty of a serene sunrise combined with beautiful natural scenery around it.

Fare: IDR 10,000

24. Palayan River

This tourist spot in Bandung is the most suitable for outbound. Tourists can try rafting which makes adrenaline peak in this fast-flowing river.

Fare: Minimum IDR 150,000.00 (with 6 participants)

25. Malabar Tea Plantation

The view offered here is not only terraced tea gardens. You can also start trekking to Mount Nini from here.

Fare: IDR 5,000.00

Those are tourist attractions in southern Bandung that you may have never heard of. Of course there are many other interesting objects in the south of Bandung. We will discuss it in more detail next time.

Tourist Attractions in Lembang, Bandung
Currently, the Lembang area has a variety of exciting tourist objects for children, young people and families. Some of them are even famous abroad.

Below we present recommendations for tourist attractions in Bandung, precisely in the Lembang area.

26. Tangkuban Boat

Apart from Gedung Sate, Tangkuban Perahu is also considered an icon of Bandung. That’s why you have to stop by here if you are on a trip to the city of flowers.

Rates: IDR 7,000.00 (weekdays), IDR 10,000.00 (weekends)

27. Ciater Hot Springs

Located in Nagrak Village, this hot spring is a famous tourist spot in Bandung.

The tourist attraction is no longer just a hot pool. There are various rides, sports facilities, camping ground, outbound, to spas and restaurants.

Fare: IDR 15,000.00

28. Bosscha Observatory

This tourist spot in Bandung, Lembang houses the oldest binoculars in Indonesia. Here visitors can learn at a glance about astronomy.

Besides that, Bosscha’s architectural design itself is also quite unique.

Fare: IDR 25,000.00

29. NuArt Sculpture Park

Located in Ciwaruga, NuArt Sculpture Park is an open art gallery by I Nyoman Nuarta. The artist who made the Garuda Wisnu statue in Bali, you know.

The neat arrangement makes this sculpture park a pleasure to visit.

Rates: Free

30. Cihideung Flower Park

Bandung’s pride flower garden, here. Here visitors can enjoy colorful flower beds planted in an area of ​​50 hectares.

Rates: Free

That is a row of tourist attractions in Bandung, the Lembang area. Next, we will discuss tourist attractions in Lembang as well, in Maribaya to be precise.

Tourist Attractions in Bandung Maribaya
What cool locations are hidden in Maribaya, Lembang? In the following, we will discuss some of them.

31. The Lodge Maribaya

The Lodge Maribaya is a contemporary recreation area with complete facilities that are sure to make young people feel at home. There are sky trees, bamboo sky, outbound, hot air balloon, zip bike, and hang gliding that you can try.

This place also offers the natural beauty of Bandung which can be impregnated by staying at Glamping The Lodge Maribaya.

Rates: Rp. 20,000.00 (weekdays), Rp. 25,000.00 (weekend), Rp. 35,000.00 (national holidays), Rp. 325,000 (lodging)

32. Maribaya Waterfall

This waterfall is shrouded in myths and mystical stories. But as long as you’re careful, you shouldn’t have any problems visiting them. Moreover, the scenery at Curug Maribaya is quite beautiful.

Fare: IDR 3,000.00

33. Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda

This forest park has several tourist objects at once. Among others Curug Omas, Curug Lalay, Goa Japan, and Goa Netherlands. The Maribaya Forest itself has beautiful natural conditions.

It’s fun again that we don’t have to spend deeply to enjoy this many attractions.

Fare: IDR 11,000.00

34. Begonia Garden

Its official name is Begonia Glory Garden. Here visitors can find a variety of beautiful begonia colors.

You can also enjoy picking vegetables and fruit. The problem is that the Begonia Garden is also planted with food plants and other types of flowers.

Fare: IDR 10,000.00

35. Tafso Barn

Similar to Lereng Anteng, Tafso Barn presents a thematic cafe concept with photogenic views. This culinary tourism spot is located in Ciumbuleuit.

Rates: Free

36. Bellarosa Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located on Jalan Maribaya Timur. Can be visited for 24 hours, you know.

Not just a waterfall that is offered here. The view of the pine forest is also soothing to the eye.

Fare: IDR 5,000.00

Tourist Attractions in West Bandung
The West Bandung area also has many interesting tourist attractions. Some of them are

37. Palace cliffs

One of the tourist attractions that is being loved by millennials, it offers extraordinary natural beauty.

Fare: IDR 11,000.00 (entrance ticket), IDR 40,000.00 (tent with own equipment)

38. Curug Malela

Located in Cicadas Village, Mount Halu, this waterfall flows in 5 lanes, producing a magnificent and alluring view.

This waterfall is still in a series with the Katumiri, Manglid, Ngebul, Sumpel, Palisir, and Pameungpeuk waterfalls.

Fare: IDR 10,000.00

39. Dago Dream Park

Similar to The Lodge Maribaya, Dago Dream Park also offers a variety of contemporary selfie spots such as flying rugs and zip bikes.

There are also exciting game rides such as Kora boats and flying fox. Horse riding and archery are also possible.

Fare: IDR 20,000.00.

40. Cimahi Waterfall

Curug Cimahi, also known as Curug Pelangi, is now even more beautiful with colorful lights hidden behind the flowing water. It’s like a rainbow flowing from a cliff.

Fare: IDR 15,000.00

Tourist Attractions in Bandung Ciwidey

Not only the White Crater owned by Ciwidey. There are many tourist attractions in Bandung, Ciwidey that can be visited. Here are some of them.

41. Situ Patenggang

The Rancabali area is famous for its tea gardens. In the middle of it is the enchanting Situ Patenggang. Here we can have a picnic while fishing in the middle of the lake. Just rent one of the available boats.

Fare: IDR 18,000.00 (weekdays), IDR 20,500 (weekends)

42. Rengganis Cibuni Crater

Located in Patengan Village, Rancabali District, Rengganis has a sulfur crater mixed with river water. Besides being beautiful, the water there is also efficacious for the skin.

The natural conditions here are relatively shadier than its neighbour, Kawah Putih.

Fare: IDR 5,000.00

43. Cimanggu Hot Spring
Natural hot springs are suitable for family or couple trips. Especially for those who want relaxation.

Fare: IDR 16,000.00 (weekdays), IDR 23,000 (weekends)

44. Lakeside glamping

One more tourist spot owned by Rancabali, namely Glamping Lakeside. In the form of a resort with a beautiful panorama in the middle of a stretch of tea gardens.

The best spot here is Pinisi Resto which is on the edge of Situ Patenggang. The shape is similar to a giant boat.

Fare: IDR 20,000.00 (entrance ticket), IDR 10,000.00 (resto deposit)

45. Legok Kondang Glamping

Legok Kondang was originally a camping site with an exclusive concept. Tourists do stay in tents, but tents that have complete facilities and hotel-style comfort. Of course surrounded by beautiful green nature.

Rates: around IDR 1,000,000.00/night (minimum)

46. ​​Mushroom Hill


In the Rancabolang area there is a hill with quite unique views. It is surrounded by rows of spruce trees trimmed to resemble toadstools.

Rates: Free

47. Sari Alam Medicinal Plant Garden

This place serves as a herbarium, health research center, and alternative medicine clinic with herbal plants. Also suitable for educational tours about TOGA.

Rates: Free

Those are the The Most Popular Tourist Attractions Ciwidey that you should include in your vacation plans later.

Tourist Attractions in Bandung for Children

Among the many The Most Popular Tourist Attractions, of course, not a few are suitable for children. Whether it’s offering education or exciting physical activity.

Want to take your little one on vacation in the City of Flowers? Here are recommendations for tourist attractions in Bandung that are suitable for children.

48. Ciwidey Rabbit Park

Also called Ciwidey Rabbit Park, in this park children can play with various species of rabbits. Children can be taught to interact with animals.

To feed the rabbits, visitors are charged Rp. 5,000.00 to get three sticks of carrots.

Fare: IDR 15,000.00

49. Strawberry Pick Garden

Invite children to be close to nature and appreciate food by harvesting strawberries. The fresh air there is also perfect for outdoor activities with the family.

Rates: Free

50. Bandung Geological Museum

Here is the most appropriate place to learn sundries of human history. Accompanied by a number of original dioramas and fossils.

The Bandung Geological Museum is open daily. It’s just that they close early on holidays.

Fare: IDR 2000.00 (student), IDR 3000.00 (general tourist)

51. Bandung Zoo

Usually children like to see various types of animals. Because of that, there’s nothing wrong with inviting them to visit the zoo in Lebang Siliwangi, Coblong.

Fare: IDR 15,000.00 (children), IDR 20,000.00 (adults)

52. Window of Nature

Jendela Alam is located in Ledeng, Lembang. There are lots of activities that kids can try out here. Everything is educational and fun. Starting from workshops on animal anatomy, decorating kites, flying fox, herding ducks, horse riding, harvesting eggs, to making grass jelly.

Rates: IDR 15,000.00 (weekdays), IDR 20,000.00 (weekends)

53. Enchantment of Nirwana Waterpark

Like waterparks and waterbooms in general, Pesona Nirwana also has a variety of exciting water rides for children.

Rates: IDR 40,000.00 (weekdays), IDR 50,000.00 (weekends), IDR 60,000.00 (holidays)

54. Saung Angklung Mang Udjo

This beautiful padepokan is a cultural and educational tourism destination where we can learn everything about the angklung musical instrument.

It is said that Saung Angklung is the only traditional angklung art center. If we are lucky we can enjoy angklung music performances by the children.

Fare: IDR 60,000.00 (weekdays), IDR 75,000.00 (weekends)

55. Cihanjuang Butterfly Park

Here children can learn about the life cycle of butterflies and play with 35 species of butterflies with dazzling colors.

Fare: IDR 10,000.00

56. Miniature Railway Park

Children will definitely enjoy seeing dozens of miniature trains on their way.

The Train Miniature Park is located in the Floating Market area of ​​Lembang.

Fare: IDR 15,000.00 (not including Floating Market entrance ticket)

Those are various tourist attractions in Bandung that are suitable for children.

Natural The Most Popular Tourist Attractions
Apart from culinary and shopping tours, tourist attractions in Bandung with a natural concept are also popular among tourists.

Want to know what The Most Popular Tourist Attractions can make us feel close to nature? Here are some of them.

57. Curug Tilu Leuwi Opat

The waterfall at Ciwangun Indah Camp is a three-level waterfall type. Here tourists are not advised to swim, because the depth reaches 15 meters.

Fare: IDR 10,000.00

58. Pawon Cave

In Guha Pawon or Pawon Cave, tourists can learn about the history of the Sund people. This ancient site is on Mount Masigit and can be reached by trekking.

Fare: IDR 10,000.00

59. Stone Garden Geopark

Apart from Pawon Cave, on Mount Masigit there are also Instagramable limestone cliffs covered with green plants. This is Stone Garden Geopark which is currently hitting Instagram.

Fare: IDR 10,000.00

Those are various tourist attractions in Bandung that carry the concept of nature.

Tourist Attractions in Bandung Anti-mainstream
Perhaps you feel that going on vacation to an amusement park or nature tourism is common. Then there’s nothing wrong with visiting tourist attractions in Bandung that offer a different concept.

Below are some recommendations for The Most Popular Tourist Attractions that are classified as anti-mainstream.

60. Kampung Pasir Angling Tourism Village

The tours offered by Kampung Pasir Angling are not waterfalls or hot springs, but the authenticity of the village itself.

The main attraction of this tourist village is its local wisdom. Customs and traditional values ​​that make Kampung Pasir Angling sustainable.

We can also watch traditional art performances exhibited by residents.

Rates: Free

61. Bandung Halloween House

Beautiful selfies with cool backgrounds are certainly commonplace. Occasionally try to take photos with the concept of horror. Definitely more exciting. Like in this Bandung Halloween House. You can even take a photo with Sadako or the Annabelle doll.

Fare: IDR 25,000.00 (children), IDR 50,000.00 (adults)

62. Cililin Gantole Hill

This place was used for hang gliding at the PON XIX sports party. Now it is a tourist attraction because the scenery is cool.

To take it you have to trekking with quite heavy terrain from Tanjungjaya Village. The distance to be covered is approximately 5 kilometers.

Rates: Free

63. Bandros City Tour

If this one is a tour around the city with an old double-decker bus. Tourists can choose one-way trip packages or day trips with cross routes.

Fare: IDR 20,000.00—IDR 40,000.00

That’s a row of The Most Popular Tourist Attractions that stretch the anti-mainstream concept.

Tourist Attractions in Bandung Japanese Style
You don’t need to go all the way to Japan if you just want to enjoy the sensation of a Sakura country-style vacation. In Bandung there are several tourist attractions that will make visitors feel like they are in the land of the rising sun.

Below we present two tourist attractions in Bandung that offer Japanese nuances.

64. Kyoto Japanese Village (Kyotoku)

Want to take a photo in a yukata among the Sagano bamboo forest? Just visit the clone at the Floating Market Lembang.

In Kyotoku, which is part of the Floating Market, we can rent yukata and take photos with a beautiful background similar to that city of geishas.

Fare: IDR 20,000.00 (entrance ticket), IDR 175,000.00 (yukata/hanbok)

65. Villa Air Natural Resort

Villa Air is a resort that offers villas with Japanese architectural designs. This natural concept villa can be rented with rates starting from IDR 2,600,000.00 per night (3 bedrooms).

Those are tourist attractions in Bandung that present Japanese nuances.

European-style Tourist Attractions in Bandung
It’s not without reason that Bandung is nicknamed Parijs van Java. This city does have several points where the atmosphere is exactly the same as Europe.

Apart from Jalan Braga, here are some tourist attractions in Bandung with European nuances.

66.Rainbow Garden

Rainbow Garden, one of the tourist attractions in Bandung which is Instagramable and much sought after by travelers because of its beauty. The photos here will make us feel like we are having a picnic among the flower fields of Provence or Germany.

To visit the Rainbow Garden, we only need to pay the entrance fee to the Lembang Floating Market. The problem is that this area is indeed a complex of tourist attractions in Bandung.

Fare: IDR 20,000.00

67. Lembang Dairy Farmhouse

Tourist attractions in Bandung, in Lembang to be precise, have several European-style areas. There is a mini Hobbiton which is similar to the film location of The Lord of The Rings in Matamata, New Zealand, classic European cafes that provide Caucasian cuisine, and beautiful European-style houses.

Farmhouse also provides various costumes that can be rented. There are costumes in the style of Dutch farmers, cowboys or Indians. While the entry ticket can be exchanged for a cup of fresh milk.

Fare: IDR 20,000.00 (entrance ticket), IDR 50,000.00 (costume rental).

68. Village of Tulips

Located at the Banyu Biru Complex, Blok H No. 17, Ciwastra, Mekarjaya, Rancasari, Kampoeng Tulip presents a mini Netherlands in an area of ​​800 square meters.

Rates: IDR 6,000.00 (weekdays), IDR 9,000.00 (weekends)

69. Mini Town

Still part of the Lembang Floating Market, Kota Mini contains rows of western-style buildings. Starting from housing, Hobbiton, hospitals, to fire stations that are similar in Europe.

There are also traditional European costumes that visitors can rent.

Fare: IDR 20,000.00

That is a tourist spot in Bandung with European nuances.

Tourist Attractions in Bandung Korean Style
Next, there are various tourist attractions in Bandung that have the feel of Ginseng Country, aka South Korea.

70. Chingu Cafe Little Seoul

The modern Korean feel in this cafe is very thick. There is even a clone of Dongdaemun Street where we can only transact with the Won currency.

There is also a hanbok available for photo props that can be rented at a rate of IDR 30,000 per 15 minutes.

Fare: IDR 50,000.00 (Dongdaemun Street city pass)

That’s a row of tourist attractions in Bandung that are currently hits. Please visit one of them when you stop by the city of flowers. Don’t forget to prepare a budget and all your travel needs to make your vacation more comfortable.

Actually there are still hundreds of tourist attractions in Bandung that have not been discussed in this article. Else we will discuss it in more detail. Have a nice holiday in Bandung.

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