10 #DiIndonesiaAja Destinations To Inspire Ideal Holidays

10 #DiIndonesiaAja Destinations To Inspire Ideal Holidays

There are lots of favorite tourist destinations that are super cute #DiIndonesiaAja. Starting from culinary spices rich in taste, fantastic marine tourism, to outdoor adventures that challenge adrenaline. For Pesona friends who can’t wait to go on a trip, the list of destinations below can be an inspiration for your dream trip later. Anyway, really suitable to be visited with family, relatives, or people we love.

Come on, check out 10 favorite #DiIndonesiaAja tourist destinations for the following super memorable travel inspiration!

10 #DiIndonesiaAja Destinations To Inspire Ideal Holidays

1 | Do you want to taste Indonesian cuisine? Jakarta has many choices!

Want to taste the culinary delights of the archipelago that shake your tongue? Jakarta has many choices, you know! Here, Pesona Friends can try snacks to heavy meals that are sure to be addictive. Call it egg crust, crocodile bread, Betawi pickles, Betawi soup, uduk rice and Betawi gado-gado. One more thing that should not be missed is the halibut fish, which tastes second to none. Just imagining it makes you drool, Charm Friends!

2 | Looking for a tourist destination with a variety of water activities? Take a vacation to Bintan Island!

If Pesona Friends are looking for a tourist destination with a variety of water activities and that holds true beauty, then you really have to go to Bintan Island. One of the most interesting tours is Treasure Bay Bintan, because there are a variety of exciting activities that can be found, including transparent lagoon kayaking, paddle boating, wakeboarding, and many more. This tourist destination is really suitable to be visited with family, you know.

3 | Suitable for family holidays, the Thousand Islands offers a comfortable eco resort for relaxation

Still in the Jabodetabek area, the Thousand Islands really have to be a tourist destination in the new year, Friend Pesona. One of the resorts in the Thousand Islands which is fun to visit can be found on Macan Island. Here, there are the best eco resorts with exotic sunset views which are suitable as a place of relaxation. There are also water sports facilities and coral reef planting activities aimed at preserving the underwater world of various islands in the Thousand Islands.

4 | Tracing the splendor of antique buildings while hunting photos in the city of Semarang

In the city of Semarang, there is a magnificent two-story building that looks very luxurious because it is equipped with beautiful, classic architecture, so you can’t miss it. This destination is Lawang Sewu which is located on Jl. Pemuda Sekayu, adjacent to the Old City of Semarang which used to be a European trading district which is interesting to explore. When you visit here, it’s time for you to fill instagenic stock photos in the gallery with a classic photo background typical of the Old City of Semarang!

5 | Hunt the sunset from various corners of the city in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta always keeps stories, whether real or just memories. One of the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta that must be visited is Ratu Boko or also known as Keraton Ratu Boko. Apart from being a unique aesthetic photo spot, there is also the Burning Temple and holy wells which are often used during religious ceremonies. Pesona friends can also explore the beauty of the Chicken Church, Borobudur Temple or Taman Sari, all of which are very suitable as the best spots for sunset hunting.

6 | Let’s preserve the cultural heritage in Surakarta! Yogyakarta always has stories to tell, whether real or just memories.

One of the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta that is mandatory for you, you can also start your journey early this year by exploring the cultural richness of the archipelago through the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace. Covering an area of around 54 hectares, this icon of Solo City holds a rare collection of statues, weapons and royal heirlooms. Apart from that, you can also watch dance and gamelan performances which are usually performed regularly at the pavilion in Sasana Sewaka. The traditional atmosphere will be more closely felt if you take part in cultural heritage tours such as the Sekaten traditional ceremony and the Suro night.

7 | Explore the unparalleled beauty of Banyuwangi’s natural attractions

If you want to witness a rare phenomenon in the world, you can stop by the Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi. This rare phenomenon is the existence of the largest caldera on the island of Java with only two blue fires in the world. If you come here, Pesona Friends must see first hand the beautiful sunrise view which will be the guardian of a memorable New Year’s holiday. In addition, there are still many natural tourist destinations at https://www.kotakenya.org/¬†which are a pity to miss, for example Baluran National Park, Benculuk Bureau, Pertemon Waterfall, and others.

8 | Enjoy the complete tour packages available in Bali, it will be really exciting!

Talking about vacations in Bali, Pesona Friends can choose what destination they want, from mountains, waterfalls, to beaches. pan recommendation The beach that you really have to visit is Pandawa Beach. The location is in Badung Regency, South Kuta District, Bali, close to Timbis Hill. So, you can also try the extreme sport of paragliding and enjoy the panorama of Pandawa Beach from a height, guaranteed the view will spoil your eyes!

9 | Take a peek at the diversity of cultural tourism in Lombok, come on!

There is a tourist paradise in West Nusa Tenggara, where else if not in Lombok! Yes, Lombok is a tourist destination that can be an option, Pesona Friends. The natural beauty of Lombok, which is as beautiful as a painting, blends solemnly with the rural atmosphere where friendly local people live. There are also traditional traditions such as religious ceremonies, as well as handicrafts in the form of woven fabrics that are thick with Indonesian cultural philosophy which are interesting to kidnap, you can find all of this in tourist villages, such as in Sukarara Village, Sade Village, and Banyumulek Village. Anyway, a vacation to Lombok will be a very complete package!

10 | Diving into the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat, you won’t be disappointed!

Who doesn’t know Raja Ampat? This tourist destination that is the pride of West Papua Province is indeed the best place to escape from the stress of routine. One of the islands that must be visited in Raja Ampat is Wayag Island which consists of karst islands and clusters of coral reefs (atolls) with very beautiful underwater life. Wayag Island is a paradise for divers and adventure lovers!

Some of the favorite #DiIndonesiaAja tourist destinations listed above, are really interesting to visit when the situation is under control. While outside the house, make sure you always wear a mask, diligently wash your hands with running water and keep your distance. Come on, obey the health protocol for our common good and don’t forget to vaccinate to protect our loved ones!


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